Special Information Pieces

Preparing for a Major Campaign - a resource guide with information on how to prepare for a capital or endowment campaign

Sustainability Success Factors - the essential components that enable any organization to move forward

Sustainability Success Factors Handout - from the July 2016 presentation at the Bridge Conference

Sustainability Success Factors Checklist and Scorecard - (version 2.6.1) (June 2016) a resource tool for your organization (Word Doc)

Creating a Culture of Philanthropy at an organization

Examples From Client Projects

NEW!!  Basic Talking Points for Starting Conversations with Donors and Prospects - A simple framework that can guide any conversation and make sure that you go into each meeting with a plan and an objective.

Creating an Impact Statement - As one of the key steps in a strategic planning process, organizations should articulate the impact their organization has within the community and the issue it addresses.  

Supporting the Fundraising Program - Discussion piece on the many ways that board members and staff can have a real impact on an organization's resource development efforts.

Lifecycle of a Board Member - Information piece helping to describe the way through which board members are recruited and engaged

Presentation on the results of a member survey for a large professional association

Solicitation Basics - solicitation training material

Campaign Plan - for a small church-based campaign

Leadership Contrasted with Management - produced to help board and staff better understand their roles

Tool for Identifying Prospects and sorting them into priority order

Example of a Fundraising Plan using a "strategic planning grid" format



Handouts from Various Presentations

Planning to Plan - program presented at the DC Foundation Center, May 2017

Funding Social Impact - lecture giving at George Mason University, Spring 2016

What's Leadership Got to Do With It? - BoardSource Leadership Forum, New Orleans, 2015

Just Tell Me What You Want - Bridge Conference 2015

Just Tell Me What You Want - Sample Phrases Handout - Bridge Conference 2015

Hit a Fundraising Homerun with Your Board - VFRI summer 2014

Philanthropy and Fundraising - From a lecture given at George Mason University's Nonprofit Management program

Fundraising Planning - presented at the Washington, DC Foundation Center