We engage our clients on many levels and in many ways, with projects that target resource development, strategic planning, governance, philanthropic planning, organizational growth, leadership development, and more.

Examples of typical projects and client interactions:

  • Advising top leadership on managing through complex processes such as strategic planning, organizational growth or capital campaigns, bringing years of knowledge to bear on situations, and driving a process forward that focuses on solutions, stakeholder engagement, and learning.
  • Personalized leadership coaching and specialized training for staff and board on issues including fundraising, board development, strategic visioning, message development, donor stewardship, and more.
  • Connecting clients to actionable information, specialized services and resources, and expertise through collaboration with other consultants and access to reference materials and samples from throughout the nonprofit sector.
  • Reviewing and assessing marketing materials and other communication strategies to ensure they are in alignment with an organization's impact and strategic objectives.
  • Design and facilitation of board and staff retreats, and presentations at staff or board meetings to share best practice concepts or promote a greater understanding of critical issues ranging from nonprofit management to effective philanthropy.
  • Conducting membership or donor surveys gathering insight and stakeholder perspective that leads to strategy development.

Sample reports and presentations from typical projects

These can provide you with a sense of the "tangible" results of our work.  Consulting relationships are as much as knowledge sharing and relationship building as they are about the printed documents.  However, these examples are illustrative of the range and depth of work of various engagements.

Resource Development and Communications Assessment for a large regional nonprofit

Fundraising program review, strategic recommendations and suggested work plan.

Discussion tool for creating an organizational "Impact Statement" as part of a strategic planning process.

Additional materials from client projects can be found on the Examples page.

Characteristics of Our Interactions with All Clients

LEAD - As a senior professional, collaborate with organizations at the highest level.  With high standards for clients, advise these leaders as they approach complex processes, bringing years of knowledge to bear on situations, and driving a process that focuses on solutions.

EXPLORE - Listen, ask questions, and learn to fully understand the needs of an organization.  Look at the big picture while assessing the specifics of the given situation. 

CONNECT - Bring stakeholders together to listen, to learn, and to engage with organizations as well as with each other.  Collaborate with staff and board to ensure that everyone plays a part in moving an organization forward. 

SHARE - Provide training and coaching to unlock everyone’s full potential, giving them the skills and knowledge to get the job done, and connecting them to information resources, professional expertise, and the body of knowledge that guides sound nonprofit management practices. 

DESIGN - Synthesize work in tangible ways that provide an organization tools to advance its mission.  Using objective perspective to highlight themes, make logical connections and help organizations to understand the broader context for decision-making. 

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