Another thought post-Orlando

The Blog "Nonprofit with Balls" is one of my favorites.  Its author, Vu Le, always lifts up the best (and the worst) of our sector in ways that are enlightening, funny and inspirational.  He recently posted a response to the tragedy in Orlando, FL that I found compelling - "Orlando, and why our work matters."  In it he addresses the importance of talking about incidents like the shootings at Pulse and the need for supporting each other as we process challenging moments like this.

I'm glad he shared his thoughts with his readers, and I encourage you to check out his post via the link above.  Here's my response to his posting, that I posted on his site:

It is so important that we not shy away from talking about these and other hard matters with colleagues. More and more we are seeing that nonprofit organizations who support and actually encourage this type of sharing become more resilient and stronger. Whether we are witnessing and experiencing the joys, excitements, fear or vulnerabilities of fellow staffers, it all leads to our being in better relationship with each other. And when such relationships improve, our ability to build stronger, more meaningful relationships with those outside of our organizations becomes that much stronger. So from tragedies like this come opportunities for deep connections, bridge building and increased understanding. Some good from the bad.

Hope everyone continues to have a happy and safe summer.