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grantee survey sample

grantee survey sample

NEW - Sample Grantee Survey used to evaluate a funder's impact on its grantee nonprofits as well as to assess the various internal and external issues affecting these nonprofits.  This sample is a formatted version of the survey, which was originally done in SurveyMonkey.

Management Factors Score Sheet - If you are a funder, donor or family foundation, and you are interested in exploring the qualities of a potential nonprofit partner beyond what you might discover through a standard, due-diligence process, take a look at this new score sheet.   It offers thought provoking questions for organizations that can really up your philanthropic game!   This checklist can also be tailored for your specific interests and needs.

Check out this article on how family foundations can up their philanthropic game by using a tool such as this score sheet - "Change Up Your Questions."  This material was the basis for a presentation of the same name at the 2018 Exponent Philanthropy National Conference in Philadelphia.

Download copies of 1) PowerPoint Presentation from that session and 2) the Resource Handout that can help any funder to examine its practices and make adjustments along the way.

Practical advice in two August 2017 Blog posts - "Renovate Your Philanthropy" in the Nonprofit Thinking section of our website and "Who Will be Thankful for YOU This Thanksgiving"

Click on these links for shareable PDFs of "Renovate Your Philanthropy" and "Who Will be Thankful."


  • Coaching And Guidance to Staff and Board - Help identify community issues, understand the nonprofit sector, or explore opportunities for improving practice and impact

  • Tailored Coaching and Support for Individual Donors - Lead targeted conversations that explore interests and priorities to establish a philanthropic plan of action

  • Grantmaking Process Support and Assessment - Review grant application procedures, review submissions from potential grantees, or evaluate potential enhancements to grantmaking programs

  • Meeting And Conference Facilitation - Provide both strategic and logistic support to ensure a smooth running program

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation - Enable family members and staff to effectively participate in this critical initiative rather than be overwhelmed managing the process itself

  • Grantee Capacity Building, Training and Support - Build on a donor's investment by ensuring a nonprofit partner is adhering to best practices and is building its capacity to accomplish its mission

  • Writing, editing research and white papers - Provide timely distillation of materials, guidance and scholarly works from throughout the sector

  • Guidance for Wealth and Financial Advisors - Collaborate directly with advisors to enhance their knowledge of philanthropic practice as well as to bring added value to the services they provide their clients

National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers

LINKS to Specialized Information and Guidance to foundations and donors

National Council of Nonprofits' blog on great funder/grantee relationships, including "Are We Talking About the Weather" as a featured resource.

Grantmakers for Effective Organization's Change Incubator which features resources and peer-to-peer information on how to transform grantmaking

The National Center for Family Philanthropy online resource center.

Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy - EPIP programs and initiatives

"Funding Performance" - a white paper on how donors can do more good by modeling their grantmaking practices after The Performance Imperative, created by the Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community 

Vu Le's checklists for grantmakers and grantseekers from the "Nonprofit With Balls" blog.  Absolutely worth a read - whether you are a funder OR a nonprofit.

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