Organizations, associations and other resources

BoardSource - Internationally recognized organization focusing on governance issues.  BoardSource publishes a wide variety of resources and materials.  Join BoardSource and get access to an even great range of materials!

Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) - Representing more than 33,000 professionals worldwide, AFP is the leader in promoting excellence and high ethics in fundraising for nonprofit organizations. 

Center for Nonprofit Advancement in Washington, DC

Association Foundation Group

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

Association of Philanthropic Counsel - national network of consulting firms specializing in resource development and other nonprofit advisory services.  Capital Development Strategies is a member.

Exponent Philanthropy (Formerly the Association of Small Foundations)

The Aspen Institute's Philanthropy & Social Enterprise program

Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship


Yoga of Nonprofit Communications Podcast

The Overhead Myth and the Overhead Solution


Articles, research and interesting material 

Note: Articles and materials written by Marshall Ginn have been moved to the Writing page of the website.

The Performance Imperative - a Framework for Social-Sector Excellence, developed collaboratively by the Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community. NEW - the Performance Imperative Organizational Self-Assessment - a resource tool for taking organizations to the next level.

"Leadership & Management" graphic from "That's Not How We Do It Here" by John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber.

Standards of Excellence in Corporate Community Involvement - from Boston College's Center for Corporate Citizenship

"Leadership New England" Essential Shifts for a Thriving Nonprofit Sector 2015 - A great new report published by Third Sector New England, containing useful perspective and ideas for any nonprofit in all regions on the country.

"Leading With Intent" 2015 Nonprofit Governance Index produced by BoardSource

"Underdeveloped" report on nonprofit fundraising produced by CompassPoint in 2013

"Capacity Building Grantmaking" 2015 report from Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

"Leveraging Social Leadership" 2015 report from Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

Peter Drury's Beyond Cash Fundraising Management Dashboard